Alutitan pays utmost attention to respect the immediate environment , for that reason installed three photovoltaic plants suppling a total of 376 MW / h of power.

Per year

376 MW/h of electricity

188 tons of CO2 not emitted

481 barrels of oil avoided

The preservation of the natural environment is essential for the well-being of society, so Alutitan has a proactive approach to the impacts of its activities on the environment. Every year the company generates more than 10 million kg of product, resulting in about 1.100.000 kg of aluminium as a by-product which -thanks to its nature- is completely recycled (over 77% of waste), 22% is recovered and only 0.04% is disposed of.

Resizing the environmental impact of the business is synonymous of foresight and a great will of contribute to a safer future.