All extrusion processes, from the most complex to the simplest ones, take place in the company. Based on its years-long experience on exact timing of various phases and the packaging systems, Alutitan guarantees fast delivery delays.


At our plant there is a modern and well-equipped department for the mechanical machining of extruded bars or components made from them. The Alutitan Mechanical Department is equipped with modern numerically controlled machines that can perform the following operations carefully:

- Cutting (with automatic and semi-automatic machines)
- Milling
- Drilling
- Threading of holes
- Threading
- Cutting
- Assembling

Drilling, threading and milling are performed using the latest generation CNC machines, which allow complex machining with limited tolerances. The use of CAD / CAM systems allows us to program our machines in a highly efficient way.


The anodizing of the profiles is commissioned to a subsidiary company, Tecnoal srl, having its headquarters in the city of Fano, Region Marche, Italy. Tecnoal was established in 1977 and is specialized in oxidation and electro-colouring processes, providing an amazingly wide variety of brilliant colours, all certified by a Qualanod quality label. Like Alutitan, Tecnoal has been given UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certifications, respectively for production performance and compliance with environment protection rules.


Painting processes are commissioned to a selected group of external companies, each of which working on a constant set of given articles.


The Energy Department markets off-grid products and power-storage complete systems integrated by lithium batteries. Using the power of sun you will be able to recharge a smartphone, tablet or PC, to jump start a car, to light up an outdoor, to actuate water pumps till the supply of industrial and civil electricity through solar generator.

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